The Power of Sound Healing Training – Level I – Introduction to Sound Healing

Taught by Lama Brian & Shannon van Staden

Level 1 – Introduction to Sound Healing

Join our two-day training in the theoretical, practical and spiritual aspects of sound healing. The training begins with the theory and practical instructions on how to play Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® and how to care for your bowls. This is followed by a deep dive into healing practices that combine the sounds of singing bowls with the profound methods of mantra, visualisation, samadhi and pure intention.

  • You get the tools you need to put into practice a sound healing practice for yourself
  • You are introduced to the vast universe of topics which enrich your understanding
  • You will practice mixing your own voice with the sound of alchemy crystal bowls: THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING
  • You receive visualisation techniques which align with the purity of sound


The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing

You will learn five extraordinary healing practices which effectively use the bowls for oneself, friends & family, and the greater environment. It is a full immersion into The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing. The practice emphasises the personal intention to shift and transform problems of sickness, anxiety, fear, loss, broken heart, and all the daily challenges we face. The result is the discovery of an inspiring new healing modality. You can then deepen and expand healing wherever it is needed. The weekend is an exciting and inspiring entrance into the universe of expanding pure intention with crystal sound.

  • You get a special practice that aligns with yoga and meditation
  • You will discover the tools you need to transform adversity
  • You will learn all about alchemy crystal singing bowls and how they are powerful assistants to well being
  • Get the information you need to choose bowl sets that are just right for you


Vibration, Mantra, Visualization, Meditation

At the core of the training is the Healing Practice which combines singing the sound of seed syllables, pure crystal sound vibration you create from the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, visualisations, intention and the samadhi of deeply resting. In this way, you tune in completely to your own power of healing. The practice is accessible to anyone who desires well-being, transformation or increased ability to work with others.

  • You will practice a healing modality in a way that is just right for you
  • You will learn not only through words, but through theatre, ceremony, relaxation and play
  • You get discounts only available to Power of Sound Healing training students (see below)
  • Meet us or Oceana at the Sound Tempel in Sweden for a free one-hour consultation only available to Power of Sound Healing training students
  • You will receive further exciting discoveries, teachings and information for expanding your alchemy crystal sound practice


The Schedule

9:00 – 17:30 – Saturday & Sunday

Saturday Morning

  • Sound Bath Healing
  • Opening Circle
  • Introduction to Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®
  • The theory of crystal sound
  • How to care for the bowls, and techniques for playing
  • Individual practice
  • The practice of Asking, Listening and Receiving


Saturday Afternoon

  • The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing, Part 1 – The Spacious Sound of A
  • Alchemies, colours, notes and chakras
  • A Study of Harmonics, Binaural Beats and Chords
  • The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing, Part 2 – The Clear Sound of OM


Sunday Morning

  • Sound Bath Healing
  • The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing, Part 3 – The Blissful Sound of HUM
  • The chakras and endocrine system
  • Practicing sound healing in groups
  • The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing, Part 4 – The Expanding Sound of RAM


Sunday Afternoon

  • The Practice of Crystal Sound Healing, Part 5 – The Accomplishing Sound of DZA
  • Final exam that enhances learning
  • Certification ceremony
  • Sound Bath Quantumplations


What’s Included

  • Elegant and warm training space at the Sound tempel Oceania Institute in Åkersberga
  • 40 page colour printed comprehensive training manual
  • Gift bag
  • Personalised attention by Lama Brian Hilliard & Shannon van Staden
  • 60 minute one-on-one consultation for selecting or expanding your bowl set, either in-person at the Sound Tempel, Oceania Institute, or online (value €111)
  • The course is Registered by the CMA – Complementary Medical Association. Certificate of Completion is received from Crystal Singing Bowls Europe upon passing course exam with a minimum of 80%.
  • Once you have been accepted, you will be eligible for a discount on bowl purchases *:
    • €50 discount for an individual bowl. View the collection here.
    • €333 discount on 3 (or more) bowls
    • 11% discount on 7 (or more) bowls


Get the Early Bird Price

THE EARLY BIRD PRICE: 8.490 SEK. The non-refundable Deposit to reserve your spot is 4.500 SEK . Please pay the Deposit 30 Days before the weekend to get the Early Bird. Deposits received after the deadline will apply to the Full Price.

THE FULL PRICE: 9.600 SEK. The non-refundable Deposit to reserve your spot is 4.500 SEK. The balance of 4.500 SEK is payable before the weekend.

Cancellation Policy: Your deposit is non-refundable.

9 & 10 Dec 2023 (Early Bird Deadline: 29 Oktober)

Venue: Oceania Institute Kantarellvägen 5 b, 184 34 Åkersberga

Lama Brian Hilliard

Lama Brian Hilliard is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® Master Sound Healer. Lama Brian has studied Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism extensively under Tibetan masters and practiced throughout his life. He completed the traditional 3-year retreat and has taught in retreats around the world. He is a recording musician blending Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, traditional musical instruments and the sounds of nature. Lama Brian joins together the profound enlightenment journey of meditation and yoga with the healing power of crystal bowls. He has co-designed The Power of Sound Healing trainings with Shannon van Staden.

Shannon van Staden

Shannon van Staden is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® Master Sound Healer. She is also a Yoga Alliance teacher specialising in yin yoga, a meditation teacher, and Chi Nei Tsang healer. 

Shannon aspires to share holistic wellbeing to help you live your most meaningful life. She believes the deep healing of harmonic sound is ideal for the times we are living in. Shannon has established the Crystal Singing Bowls Europe Sound Temple in Brussels, the heart of Europe. She gives workshops, private and group sessions, and guides you to find your alchemy crystal singing bowls at our Brussels Sound Temple or live online.

To book

Please fill in the application folder and you will receive a course confirmation to let you know if you got a place on the
desired date. Please note that we must give you an reply before you are guaranteed a spot on the course.


An invoice for the deposit of the course fee will arrive shortly after you are admitted to the course date. Your participant is confirmed after the invoice is payed.


Course leaders

Shannon van Staden & Lama Brian Hilliard

    The Power of Sound Healing Training – Level I – Introduction to Sound Healing
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