ABOUT Oceania Academy


Reiki Cources

With over 400 Reiki students, Oceana holds certification trainings in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki. Her way to teach the tradition is well preserved as all the reiki degrees is generously covered with ancient technique from the founder Mikao Usui Sensei and the western Takata line.

In general all courses are well composed with theory, deep practicing and sound. Oceana has a unique way to teach through her music. Oceana is known for her big generosity and warm presence. She easily know how to support and help her students to open up to their own individual and magical skills.

As a student, you get access to our well composed educational portal to your course. You also get to be a part of our facebook communities for specific training.

From some of our students:

  • Malin - Lärbro/Sweden
    Very educational and clear layout. Even though I took the course online, I always felt 100% included and I didn't lose focus for a second because Oceana presented both theory and practice with such clarity and passion!
    Malin - Lärbro/Sweden
    Reiki I - Online
  • Anneli - Bjärred/Sweden
    With her beautiful voice, Oceana guides her students through the course in a humble, empathetic and engaging way. It is easy to follow her instructions in the practical exercises and meditations. The theory part and the course material are also presented in a way that is easy to absorb and together with the practical exercises, it creates great confidence in one's own reiki work.
    Anneli - Bjärred/Sweden
    Reiki I
  • Sofia - Kiruna/Sweden
    Oceana has so much knowledge and wisdom that she humbly, educationally and generously shares <3
    Sofia - Kiruna/Sweden
    Reiki I

Certification Sound Healing course

At Oceania Academy we also offers regular Certification courses in Alchemy Crystal Sound healing with two of Europe's foremost Sound healing masters, Lama Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden. The course is being held in our own Sound Temple, Oceania Institute.

The training covers music theory, philosophy and handling so that you can perform Sound Healing on a professional and therapeutic level. The courses are also for those who want to learn Sound healing for their own personal development.

Contact us for cource dates for the Certification Sound Healing course.