Crystal Ocean Flow - New & Full Moon Sound healing Bath

The new and full moon is a perfect night to set new intentions. A group sound healing bath is deeply relaxing and experiential. If you've never tried a sound healing bath before, this could be a great first session for you. On this evening Oceana will be playing her alchemical crystal bowls under the powerful energy of the new moon. The room is dimmed with candlelight and the atmosphere is cleansed and lightened with Palo Santo and aromatherapy. You lie comfortably on a mattress and bolster, well wrapped in a blanket. During the session you will be led in by Oceana who will give you a brief description of the characteristics of the night's Full or New Moon so that you can more easily relate to it and set your unique intention and focus.

She will then begin to play her alchemical crystal bowls where you will be placed in a deep meditative state through intervals of the healing vibrational sounds of the crystals. The Crystal Bowls always give a calm and harmonious feeling during and afterwards, but can also activate different emotions that are hidden within you and need to be harmonised out. This happens when disturbing and unbalanced (sound) energies block our energy system and begin to transform during the sound session. There may be a temporary feeling of impatience, sadness or slight (manageable) pain in various areas as the body processes the blockages.

The Sound journey of the bowls can then be a very good solution to help you harmonise what is stagnating your energy and consciousness. Lift what is in the way to become a stronger magnet for the positive that needs to come into your life. The bowls will undoubtedly help you to raise your frequency by transforming and harmonising the imbalances. The sound journey of the bowls helps you to land in a softer state to gain more insight into what you need to do to get exactly where you want to go. The Crystal Bowls have the same sound frequencies that we carry within us, a high vibrating energy.

The magical sound of the bowls reminds us of the powerful beings we already are, free of attachments, values and judgements. The crystals therefore activate our own unique crystalline energy at the cellular level. The alchemical crystal bowls themselves are up to 99.9% pure, well fused with crystals, gemstones and ash. A sound journey with alchemical crystals gives us not only a unique dimensional journey through colours and emotions, but also a sense of purity that brings the body into a relaxed and renewed state. This is why many people call it a sound bath or sound escape. Come and land softly with us.

Shamanic Drum journey

Deep transformation and healing under the vibrations of the drum!

Welcome to a deeply transformative shamanic evening under the healing vibrations of the drum. This evening Oceana offers a magical experience through meditation and drumming journey in two sessions. The shamanic drum carries a strong sacred power and has been used by our ancestors for generations. You will enter a strong and powerful state with the help of the deeply healing sound of the drum and can be helped in that moment with both inner and outer healing. It is said that the sound of the drum helps you to travel through dimensions and while the mind is floating in a high state, the body can get rid of imbalances that are stuck in the body, even shaking off heavy metals and straightening the energies of Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine and strengthening the Auran and Chakrana. Whatever the drum gives you during the evening, you will be able to feel optimal healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The drum can give you the opportunity to release imbalanced energies arising from anxiety, depression, emotional and physical pain, problematic/traumatic life experiences. The drum always gives us an increase in our energy system, which means that the life energy (Kundalini/Prana/Ki) is activated and can flow freely in the body. Oceana has a unique way of integrating with her drum and channelling her own Kiko and Light Language to the beat of the drum.

The ceremony always expresses itself differently as the channelled energy comes through the drum and the energy and needs of the participants, giving each session a unique rhythm and sound healing. As a participant you will feel a strong connection to yourself that can give you an unforgettable inner journey.

First session
Oceana calls in the elements that will hold the sacred space for the evening. You will be asked to set your own intention to take with you on the drumming journey. You will then be guided into a deep meditation through breath work and visualisation. You will then lie down and listen to the deeply relaxing beat of the drum. Oceana will play her drum over all the participants and intuitively feel where and how the music should be processed according to the energy of the group. Therefore a drumming journey is always individual and unique as it has its own expression based on the dynamics of the group and the participants.

Break time

Session two
Through breath work, the evening continues where it left off before the break. Oceana guides the participants' presence back through meditation and the continued drumming journey.

Come and release with us!