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Missa inte vårt internationella besök ifrån Nya Zeeland

Den 29 och 31 Juli kommer två internationella transformationsledare, Jesse Wynyard och Sakula Costar till Oceania SPA för att hålla sin workshop
Warriors of Light Leadership Summit.

Tillsammans driver dom The Warrior of Light Academy och är just nu ute på sin Europa turne!Denna workshop är utformad med avsikten att aktivera planetens ljusarbetare och ledare till sin högsta potential.

Så att vi kan fullgöra vårt uppdrag här på denna planet att göra denna värld till en bättre plats genom dessa kaotiska tider med nåd och lätthet. Så att vi kan vara ljuset i mörkret och visa vägen för våra relationer, familjer, företag, samhällen och nationer.

En workshop med kombination av utbildning, mentorskap, praktisk träning, andningsarbete och guidade aktiveringar som tar dig med på en 5-timmars resa med uppgraderingar och transformation.

Känner du dig kallad? välkommen på en starkt transformerande upplevelse den 29:e eller 31:a Juli.

Obs! Eventet har mycket begränsat med biljetter så gardera din plats idag!Direkt till biljett =>…/warriors-of-light…
Obs! Workshopen är på engelska!

Mer om eventet ifrån Jesse & Sakula

Dear Warrior of Light,If you reading this, you have been brought to this page for a very important reason. We are living in some of the most challenging, exciting and pivotal times in human history. Everywhere you look there is chaos, uncertainty, conflict and separation.Stress, depression, anxiety and fear are spreading throughout the collective consciousness like wild fire. Our people are suffering and there are more mental and physical health issues than ever before.

However even though the world may seem like a dark place right now, this is all happening for a reason. The masses are beginning to wake up to the truth of what is going on in the world and we are beginning to awaken to the truth of who we truly are.

POWERFUL SOVERIGN CREATORS.The challenges that we are facing as a society right now is the exact catalyst that is required for us to step up and embody exactly who we truly are.The Warriors of Light Leadership Summit is a 5 hour mastermind led by Jesse Wynyard and Sakula Costar, Founders of the Warriors of Light who have travelled all the way from New Zealand.

This summit is designed with the intention to activate the Light Workers and Leaders of planet earth to their highest potential. So that we may fulfill our mission here on this planet to make this world a better place through these chaotic times with grace and ease. So that we can be the light in the darkness and show the way for our relationships, families, businesses, communities and nations.In this 5 hour mastermind we will be covering the following:

Higher Self Embodiment – How to unlock and embody the true power of your highest potential as a Warrior and Leader of Light. Let go of all limiting beliefs and develop unshakable faith, confidence, empowerment and belief in yourself.

Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy – How to activate and embody both the divine masculine and feminine qualities of leadership in all areas of your life.

Heart-Centered Leadership – How to utilize the power of LOVE to heal and overcome all fear, doubt and limiting beliefs within yourself and the world.

Embody your Greatness – Learn how to fully embrace and use your unique story, abilities and gifts to spark transformation in the lives of others.

Manifestation Blueprint – Develop your own unique blueprint and step-by-step roadmap to manifesting your dreams and fulfilling your mission for 2021 and beyond.

Conscious Entrepreneurship – Learn all of the innovative skills, strategies and frameworks to developing an empowering, profitable and unique heart-centered personal brand.

Guidance and Protection – Receive the Key Codes to developing a deep connection with your internal guidance system and energetic protection so that you will always be in the right place at the right time to fulfill your purpose.

This Summit will be a combination of Education, Mentoring, Practical Training, Breathwork and Guided Activations that will take you on a 5 hour journey of upgrades and transformation.This will be a very powerful summit so spots are very limited.

Choose one of the two available dates and get your ticket now!

Peace and Love.

Jesse & Sakula
The Warriors of Light

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Missa inte vårt internationella besök ifrån Nya Zeeland
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