Oceana - about the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Have you ever heard a sound so pure and vibrant that your body responds with a gentle shiver? Where emotions rise to the surface and the heart opens? Well, then you may have connect with an Alchemical Crystal Singing bowl.

Not only does these magical bowls sounds wonderfully pure and beautiful, they are also magnificent to look at, and brings out an magnetic and comfort feeling of ”coming home” when your body drop into relaxation of the healing sound.

My first experience with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls was not even live but in a video. I just knew that I had to get closer to these unique singing bowls.

I felt a strong connection on a deep spiritual level. And I knew that I needed them in my life, even if the plan was not fully clear I just felt so connected to the bowls. The curiosity to learn more about the sound and how to heal through the vibrational tones grow bigger after time and gave me so much answers during my own sound healing journeys. It´s a true blessing to learn and expand with these beautiful and deeply alchemy healing tools.

I highly recommend these unique composed healing bowls to anyone who wants to get closer to themselves and invite more harmony and health into their lives. There are really no words to describe for these vibrating unique tones. Like the elements of nature they bring a sense of openness, grounding and strong universal flow.

Where unbalanced states such as grief, stress, pain or distraction that keeps people separated from themselves, can harmonise out and calm down the system to be a greater magnet for what is here for them.

The bowls give us many gifts as we listen to the vibrational healing waves. A transformation that occurs on a cellular level as we begin to listen inwardly to what really needs attention, without noise and distraction. Brings us into deep relaxation where healing factors take place and we can gain greater clarity, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance, but also grow into a deeper spiritual experience that unites your body, soul and spirit into a wholeness of a living being.

Sound healing has been used by our ancestors for centuries and has a proven healing effect through its ability to transform and create shifts within us and in the body, which in turn produces a healing result. The unique body composition of the crystals gives off the purest sound when you play them, I believe that this is how the crystals were intended to be used and have been made since ancient times. If you are curious to get an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl by yourself or try a Sound Healing bath I would sure say that you are being guided. The Singing bowls open up infinite dimensions within and allow endless possibilities to come out into the outer world, its a life changing to integrate with these magical Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.


What Are Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

The alchemy crystal bowls are made of 99.99% pure quartz crystal combined with other elements, including precious gems and minerals. The alchemies produce incredible tones as well as bowls of extraordinary beauty. Each bowl has the quality of being alive, ready to be activated in one’s practice of healing, meditation and musical creation.

Crystal Tones® can be advantageously used as sound healing tool, where the deep knowledge and healing effect of the bowls are combined and can be combined with meditation, yoga and a variety of healing methods. Anyone can use these alchemical bowls for healing work. Professional therapists as well as private, the beneficial effects and action of the bowls are for anyone who feels drawn to create a healing work with them. Sound healing has a positive effect on the body and is soothing and beneficial for booth the body's physical as well as emotional and mental health.

The alchemi Crystal bowls have a beautiful expression and provide a magical reflection when exposed to the elements of the nature such as sun, moon, rain, warmth & cold weather, even us humans. As the bowls interact with the player and its enviromet, it can reflect the owner's intention and send out harmonising and calming vibrations out to the atmosphere and the listeners. A powerful tool that can open up both emotional and mental blocks and bring soothing healing to them through deep relaxation. You get closer to yourself through the sound of the bowls and through the tones you can more easily listen to yourself. It is fantastic to listen to the sound bath of the alchemical bowls that can bring both renewed power and healing on several levels. Everyone can listen to the soothing bowls as they are both beneficial and professionally composed tools through their properties and alchemy.

What Do the Bowl Titles Refer To?

What is, for example, a 9” B-30 Moldavite, Morganite, Platinum Bowl? Here you will get an overall picture of the limitless qualities of the bowls!


The first number, 9”, is the diameter of the bowl in inches. Bowl diameter relates to the octave. Higher sounds are found in the 5”, 6” and 7” bowls. These considered to be accelerating energy. Mid-range sounds/ocatves are produced from 7”, 8” and 9” bowls and associated with centering in the body. Low range sounds/octaves resonate from larger bowls : 10”, 12” and more, and are spoken of as grounding energy. These three ranges correspond with above the body, in the body, and below the body.


In the above example we have a B bowl. This is the note associated with the predominate pitch of the bowl. Bowls will also have overtones, and produce sounds with complex harmonics.

Each note is associated with an energy center (chakra) of the body, or with an endocrine point (sharp notes) for physical healing.



In the example we have a B-30 bowl. The -30 is the amount in cents the bowl is off true tone pitch. For example, if a piano is properly in tune, the mid arrange A note will be at a pitch of 440 Mhz, 440 cycles/second. This is a true tone pitch. The B note cycles at approximately 466 cycles/second, and here -30 makes it a little lower than that (about 458 Mhz). Cents are calculated from -5 to -50, and from +5 to +50. A B+50 bowl is about the same pitch as a C-50 bowl.

The importance of the cent value is connected with matching bowls in a set, where the bowl values might range within 15 cents of each other. This may create a more harmonious set. Whats more important is the felt harmonies when playing the bowls.