Shamanic Drum & Alchemy Crystal Bowl Cacao Journey – with Mouschka & Oceana

This is an evening for a smaller circle of people intended for a deeper meeting with ourselves & our inner guidance!


The power of sound has an amazing effect on the body. In different ways the drum & the Alchemy Crystal bowls reach the cellular level & stimulate the subconscious self-healing mechanisms of your body & psyche:
At the same time we will donnect you with your higher power.
The shamanic drum calms down the mind & the body with different beats & can even shake out heavy metals from your body.
The Alchemy Crystal bowls are Divine & with their special blend of real crystals, like Aqua Aura Gold, Smoke Quartz, Rose Quartz & Lemurian Quartz, they have a special capacity to heal the endocrine system.


The evening is a 2-in-1 delight!
First we’ll drink a cup of kakao together tuning into ourselves & our longings. During the healing session, you’ll be travelling to other dimensions. You’ll be going down into “the underworld”, your roots, into your subconscious & high up to “the upperworld”, through your branches to your divine source. Here you’ll find images (or spirits if you want) whose qualities you can bring back to integrate in yourself & use in challenging everyday life situations. These are times where we need to stand strong in our center & follow the guidance from within.
This workshop is a unique opportunity & the first time Mouschka & Oceana work together.


We’ll be…

+ Starting the evening by landing in the body with some ceremonial cacao.
+ Shamanic breathwork guided by Oceana.
+ Growing roots & branches through shamanic meditation channelled in the now by Mouschka.
+ Through the creation of a strong intention for the next chapter in your life, you’re invited to say a big YES to this next you.
+ Planting the seeds of our intentions together, in a deeper inner place connected to our life path
+ Travelling on the beat of Mouschka’s drum to the shamanic “underworld” or with a more modern approach to our subconscious to meet our inner grounding guide, such as a Totem animal or Native teacher, in the form of inner images, smells, sounds, bodily emotions
+ At the same time getting healing by the different beats of the drum – stimulating a release in the chakras & supporting your mind in going into meditational mode.
+ Travelling to the higher dimensions with Oceana’s crystal Alchemy Crystal bowls to meet our higher guide, such as angels or masters or just by feeling uplifted.
+ Sharing a few words of our experiences, in order to root the experience again & focus on our teachings to bring home
+ Getting tools for transforming the insights into concrete practices in daily life & use them in challenging situations

This journey is the first step of the drum building course continuing friday-sunday.


Drum journeying is an ancient shamanic practice which can be used as a concrete tool in modern life. As opposed to the current western model, Shamanism has a circular world view. Everything can be placed in the circle of Life, the elements, your life cycle, everything living on this earth. Now, more than ever, we need to step into the place in the circle that’s designated for each of us, from our core.


The evening is a co-creation between Oceana (Se) & Mouschka (Dk/Fr)
Oceana is a Reiki Grand Master, and Alchemy Crystal Sound healer.
She holds multiple courses & group workshops with her music & within the Japanese Reiki tradition.
Sound has always been part of Oceana & her work. Ocena’s Alchemy Crystal bowls which are made of pure crystals & minerals complement her work beautifully. The composition of different crystals create a 99,9% pure sound, which gives an optimal rise in energy & healing of the endocrine system, the chakras & energy bodies. Oceana is the founder of Oceania Institute in Åkersberga & the education forum, Oceania Academy & Alchemy Healing By Oceana.
She is a Master Teacher 11 &  works globally with projects in Nepal. She has a burning interest for the sea & communicats easily with whales & dophins through telepathy & light language.

Join her!
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Mouschka’s drum has been said to be very powerful, working in a kundalini-like way to enter the body & help the cells release the fear stored. She drums in an uncontrolled way for you to dare to let go of control on a cellular level.
The drum is insisting on shaking up everything you are ready to transform.
Being a double entrepreneur offering services she hasn’t been schooled in, Mouschka comes with an energy of daring to jump into the new & trusting your inner power. Her passion is to help people step into the center of their own power, listen to their inner voice & communicate it with trust & openness.
Mouschka’s shamanic training has come through the drum, her understanding of Reiki & from multiple workshops & ceremonies with western & indigenous shamans. All of it on a foundation of a 2½ year long therapeutical Life Coach training & many years at university.

Mouschka has been travelling Scandinavia the last 9 year giving drum journeys to hundreds of people.
She is also a shamanic drum builder & totem animal jewellery designer.
Join her social media:


PRICE 777,-  Pre payment to book a seat and no refound. Swish to Oceana 070 766 49 42
If you have limited resources please contact us to see if we can find a special solution for you.

Bring: Pen, paper, water bottle.

With Love, enthusiasm & power from
Mouschka & Oceana

Shamanic Drum & Alchemy Crystal Bowl Cacao Journey
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