Drum Building, Your own Shaman Drum with Crystals & Magic Symbols

Build your own Shaman Drum with Crystals & Magic Symbols

Drum building in Åkersberga with Mouschka – to help you step into power?

The times are now to listen to your calling – can you feel it?
The beat of your own drum can guide you!

A FreeYourself shaman drum is an not only an instrument, the course is a whole proces that brings you more in touch with what you can bring to the world with your new drum.
Mouschka is living full time with shaman drumming. She has been said to be pure in intention, wishing to help you step more into the center of your own power & birth a new world with this magical instrument.

The drum an amazing tool for personal growth, prayers, healing, finding power & peace inside – off course also for music, for gathering in groups around the fire or with your family & letting go to the sound. FreeYourself drums are also very good for musicians who want to tune their drum, as you can add a bike hose in it. This means you can pump it with air to change the tone or tighten the skin, when you don’t have a fire to warm it up.

Everybody can play the shaman drum!!

It’s the heartbeat of our Mother.
“My first shaman drum changed my life & has made me do things, I never thought I dared or could – my drums still do! It’s an ongoing process, a friend for life!” says Mouschka, your Drum Doula. “Each drum I’ve made & helped birth has its totally own magic & spirit! Drums show me the newness of Life in every moment”


In this 4-day course, you can build your own handmade high-quality shaman drum (frame drum) – crafted with crystals, engraved power symbols & shamanic guidance.
All the materials to do a 25-45 cm. drum with 2 jewellery gems are included (more info on materials further down).
The workshop is part crafting, part working on intentions & part a mirroring process.
Se program details further down!


– For those who want to feel the magic shamanic drumming can do for manifesting your dream life.
– For you who feel that creating the life of your dreams also goes through knowing how to create physical objects.
– For you attracted by shamanism.
– For yoga teachers, meditators, healers & musicians.
– For totally normal poeple attracted to experiencing the healing power of sound in your daily life.
– For you who’ve never been creative in your life, or is highly creative – all with 2 functioning hands can join!

Intended for a group of max. 6 people – to step into the power of the circle & work together in a space of confidentiality.
The course will be in a mix of Swedish & English depending on participants.


A shaman drum has its own magic; it has a spirit of its own! You can’t explain it, but it’s normally visible that something starts to change as soon as you’ve ordered your drum or your drum building course. When I’d built my first drum, I saw very specific spirits jump into it. But you don’t need to believe in anything “supernatural” to get a shaman drum, other than the will to be yourself. Beating the drum at a slow rate resonates with your heart & has an instant calming effect. At a quick beat, it stimulates the brain to slow down & go into a meditational mode. If you listen, the drum will tell you what is its particular gift just for you!
And we will focus more on that process during the course!


Making a drum is an amazing process. You never know when you start how it’s going to look. The hide is a work of art itself & you can’t guess in advance which beings that are going to show themselves in the pattern of the hide. Some drums are stubborn, they have their own strong will & they might break on the way & get an intricate pattern. Some become more symmetrical.
– Just like you!
You are invited to see the whole weekend as a mirror of your challenges & forces in life! And to journal along the way.


You’ll be stimulated to step into your own power in the circle through coaching, drum journeys, ceremony & meditations & coaching questions.
During the weekend, you get all the practical guidance to engrave your frame, build the drum from a frame made of willow, birch, oak (or ash; additional cost) with deer, reindeer (or horse or moose; additional cost) skin & add crystals. And you’ll be stimulated to be aware of what the drum is telling you through the whole process, on a mental, emotional & energetical level!

Nb! Flexible working hours.

NB! Pls. tell in advance if you need to leave at a certain time any of the days.


NB! arrival 16-16.30 depending on your availability.
1) Sharing circle to land in the group
2) Choosing your frame
3) Drum journey to find which spirits or symbols will come through your drum.
4) Quick dinner – bring something easy
5) Choosing your skin & soak it for the night
– Home work: Printing or starting to draw symbols.
If you wanna invite friends to the drum journey, it’s open for all!

FRIDAY 10-19

Nb! Ending hour depending on the process – be flexible!
6) Morning meditation to connect more with your drum
7) Sharing circle; sharing about your process & your drum
8 ) Choosing crystals
9) Drawing symbols
10) ca. 13-14 Lunch – bring your own (stove available)
11) Engraving symbols
12) Add a tuning hose
13) Cutting the skin
14) Challenging part: Pulling the strings
15) 19-20 Common dinner for those who want – bring your own


Nb! Ending hour depending on the process – be flexible!
16) Morning circle with meditation & sharing & life coaching questions.
17) Weaving the drum around the frame
18) Birthing the drum
19) ca. 13-14 Lunch – bring your own (stove available)
20) Weaving the backside of the drum with crystals.
21) Maybe adding feathers.

SUNDAY 10-16

Nb! Ending hour depending on the process – be flexible!
22) Morning circle with meditation & sharing
23) Continuing the drums for those who’re not finished.
24) Making a drum stick – bring a stick!
25) ca. 13-14 Lunch – bring your own (stove available)
26) Finishing drum sticks
27) Common initiation ceremony on powerful the grave hill just next to Oceania Spa

NB! The wednesday before, on the 7th of December, we propose an evening workshop to learn how to do a shamanic ceremony – bring your drum or write if you wanna buy your own personal drum or borrow one.


I’m bringing a selection of frames in different sizes 25-45 cm. & woods: Handmade from Swedish wood & from England made of sustainable wood.
NB! You can’t get all sizes in all woods. You need to let me know 2 months before if you have special requests for the frame (Ø and width of frame or a special wood).
Deluxe ash frames from Germany are at an additional cost of 400,- sek. – order in advance!

SKIN: The hides are from Norwegian reindeer or deer, who have lived in Nature.
Moose or horse can sometimes be ordered with an additional cost of 200,- sek. – order 1-2 month before!

CRYSTALS: The specialty of FreeYourself drums is that they all are decorated with crystals on the back.
2 stones are included in the price & I bring a selection of crystals, mostly jewellery stones.
If you know that you want a special colour or stone pls. ask beforehand – we do go through a meditation to connect more deeply with what you need!

SYMBOLS: You’re gonna burn inscriptions into the frame symbolising the guiding powers that show up in the drum journey.

TUNING: Included in the price is a bike hose to tune it – this allows you to tighten the skin when it’s humid weather & you don’t have a fire.
Perfect to go out in Nature!

DRUM STICK: Welcome to bring a stick that resonates with you – should lie nicely in your hand & be unbreakable! – Unless the inner processes take extra time, there should be time to make a drum stick. But I can’t promise 100%.


EARLY BIRD PRICE UNTIL 30/10-22 – by signing up to the “magical vip telephone list” 4250,- sek.
Follow this link forms.gle/j6J4VVk9xPdQSchE6


+ 4 days of goodness
+ drum journey, sharings, excercises & meditations
+ drum building guidance
+ personal coaching if needed
+ all the materials to do a 25-45 cm. drum with 2 jewellery gems (more info on materials further down).
+ ½ h coaching online during the 2 months following the course.
If you wanna invite friends to the drum journey on thursday 17-20, it’s open for all!
If you feel the calling but have a limited budget, pls. contact Mouschka for a personalized solution.

1) Paypal a deposit of 1500 sek. to Oceania by Swish 070 766 49 42 writing “drum build deposit”.
2) send a pm. to Oceania https://www.facebook.com/SofiaOceaniaGustafsson or sms her on 070 766 49 42
Write your NAME & PHONE NO.
3) NB! The balance should be payed before the course (unless other deal).
Pls. make sure to tend to this yourself!!!!

+ A note book & pen
+ Own Lunch & dinner
+ If you have some loved ones, bring your own crystals (nb! For the big one in the middle: 2-4 cm., for the others: ab. 1-1,5 large & 2-7 cm. long cm. Not too heavy & not too small, not round, but flat & preferably with edges to attach them better).
+ If you have some special objects, such as a small buddha, a prayer flag, a pendant, bring them to weave into your new power drum (Nb! Nothing rattling & the technique doesn’t allow a handle of antler or such).
+ If you have some symbols you know beforehand that you want to include, welcome to print them & bring them (around max. 5 cm high).
+ Feathers if you want that on your drum (I bring basic feathers).


Pls. be aware! I like to keep this a medicine- & drug free space. Pls. Notice me in advance if you have any diagnoses, are taking psychopharmaceuticals or are self-medicating with natural mind-altering medicines. This is important for me to know in order to hold space for you, especially during the drum journey. Thanks


– For course info:
https://www.facebook.com/FreeYourself-Life-Coaching… by Mouschka Drouzy or love@freeyourself.dk
Tel. +45 22774930
– For practical info:
Oceana Gustavsson
Tel. 070 766 49 42


Oceania Spa
Kantarellvägen 5B
18434 Åkersberga
Tel. 070 766 49 42


* If the course is canceled, it will be postponed & you’d be invited to participate in the 2 following courses.
I’ll also provide you with other solutions in other cities.
If you can’t attend those proposed within ½ year, you’ll get a refund.
*If you cancel:
* Anytime after payment of your deposit: We keep an admin fee of 400,- sek.
* 3 weeks before; we keep the deposit & you can sell your space to a friend.
* 24 hours before the start of the course we keep Full payment! You can still find somebody else for the space & we keep only 400,- sek. as an administration fee.


“My passion is to help people step into the center of their own power & follow their inner voice. My coaching & drum sessions aim to help you let go, one by one, of the limiting beliefs you have of yourself & strengthening that muscle where you dream your life into being. I believe in radical honesty & openness & in seeing everything as your mirror in order to take responsibility for your own emotions”.
Mouschka is ½ danish ½ french, born of a catholic prior/cathedral organist/university film teacher/author & a painter/journalist mother.
She aims to combine spirituality, psychology & art with a care for the Nature that gives us everything.
After having gone to university for 10 years, she changed her path & became a double-entrepreneur with things she wasn’t schooled in, starting a totem animal jewelry design business & graduating from a 2½ year-long life coach education in 2007.
Mouschka has participated in multiple shamanic ceremonies, workshops & sweat lodges with both native American, Sami & western shamans.
It was going on a personal vision quest in 2013 & building her first drum in 2014 that made her understand the power of intention & prayer & changed her life path.
Since the first time she beat her drum, she’s been doing drum journeys for up to 70 people, traveling in both Norway, Sweden & Denmark to share the drumming & coaching. When Mouschka drums, she uses her knowledge from Reiki initiation, trusting the inner images & messages, she lets the drum & its spirits be the guide.
The last 5 years she’s been creating powerful symbolic drums for other people & giving small drum building courses.
Mouschka adopted Pippi’s motto “That I’ve never done before, so it’ll certainly go well!”
She comes with the energy of daring to jump into the new & the insight to help you not let egoic patterns take the lead.
Mouschka comes with a wish for love, sincerity, openness and freedom.

See more about Mouschka, her drums & coaching sessions in:

The event is finished.


08 - 11/Dec-2022


4,500 kr
Oceania Institute


Oceania Institute
Kantarellvägen 5 b, Åkersberga
Oceana Gustafsson


Oceana Gustafsson

070 766 49 42


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Drum Building, Your own Shaman Drum with Crystals & Magic Symbols
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