Waves of Sirius – Avsnitt 1:5 – Starseeds med Jesse Wynyard / IAMAEON

Missa inte vårt internationella besök ifrån Nya Zeeland
Mindfulness Live Meditation 16/8

In this episode I have a very special guest coming all the way from New Zealand,his name is Jesse Wynyard also called EON-IAMAEON.

Jesse is known for his music and his transformation program for through his community “The Warrior of Light Academy”.

Together with his partner Sakula Costa they train thousands of people around the globe. Teaching about how to empowerment and embodiment through body exercise, breath works, training programs and mentor ships.

It is interesting how universe bring people together especially between those who works towards similar goals.

That is how I met Jesse and his partner Sakula on a festival this summer. Considering the podcast’s galactic focus, you will understand why I wanted to run this episode with Jesse as the subject Is very close to myself.

During the interview, you will hear Jesse/EON tell us about his childhood and how his journey made him to who he is today. How his mother since childhood led him into the direction he was meant to go, also about the challenging times to understand his Starseed role.

He shares his own awakenings that have shaped him into who he is today and as a leader. Jesse’s driving force is to help and strengthen more people to become a “Light Warrior”. Means, when u are willing to work with the darkness within yourself, you can find the light and after that also help others do it to.

He believes that it is important that we learn the human phenomenon that is also a lot of darkness, but what we humans need to face in order to step up into higher dimensions of ourselves.

This is a very strong galactic episode that both inspires and touches deeply. Jesse has a unique way of expressing his own truth, both through his music and transforming methods.

Jesse’s goal is to help people live through their most powerful potential by rewire, re calibrate and upgrade our body and mind. Also to create strong leaders around the world who in turn can lead this humanity forward.

His motto is, a good leader creates more leaders in the world.

Jesses galactic name Iameon means ETERNITY and the name does not just explain his own vibration its also a great reminder to us all that we are to.

Waves of Love to u all…

Sofia and Jesse
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You find Jesse/ EON here; 


 Spotify IAMAEON

Heal the Culture, singel 2021

Songs: Fr33dom, Light Language, Jumanji, Red Pill, Black Jesus, Dancing in the Chaos, Searching for God, Starchild 

Music in podcast: 
Starchild – IAMEON & Pharaoh Swami, Walia.Ibex

Freedom – IAMEON & Pharaoh Swami

Heal the Culture – 

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Tack för att ni lyssnar på min podcast, skriv upp dig för nyhetsbrev för att ta del av mer inspiration och erbjudanden.

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